Eggplant Community News! Introducing the $EGGP Referrals Programme

Hello Eggplant’ers,

We’re excited to announce the new referral lottery feature! Now you can earn $EGGP simply by introducing your friends to Eggplant Finance.

Sounds interesting? Read below for more details.

Introducing … The $EGGP Referral Lottery!

How does the referral lottery work? Each week, we’ll pick random winners! That’s right, we’ll deposit the $EGGP straight into your wallet. It doesn’t get any easier than that :)

To qualify for the referral lottery, please do the following:

To get your unique referral link, please have a chat with our friendly Eggplant Referral Bot.

More exciting news: Verified Referrals Status (VIP)

If you get Verified Referral status, you’ll be guaranteed $EGGP rewards. You’ll get the $EGGP rewards based on:

  • How many confirmed friends you have invited
  • How much EGGP your friends have staked (or in their wallets)
  • The duration of their staking

To get Verified Referral status, please do the following:

  • Join our Telegram and Announcement Channel
  • You have $EGGP staked (or in your wallet)
  • Your friends have confirmed they are active users, by using their own referral link
  • Your friends have $EGGP staked (or in their wallet)

Getting Verified Referral status isn’t necessarily for everyone. However, if you do get Verified Referral status, you’ll be rewarded with precious $EGGP.

Sounds interesting? Getting started is easy as 1–2–3.

To get started, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Have a chat with the friendly @EggplantReferralsBot
  2. Get your referral link
  3. Register your wallet and referral link

The final step? Invite your friends over to Eggplant Finance.

What’s more, we’re developing a referral leaderboard that will show the top referrers by ID.

The page is useful for checking referral status and to flex on your friends (if that’s your thing)

Do you have any Eggplanting questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to join our telegram group ( Our Eggplant Captain will promptly drop his eggplants to answer your questions.

As always thanks for reading and have a great day with your yield farming gains!

Eggplant Finance Team

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