End of 2021 Review (and a New Roadmap)

As 2021 draws to a close, we want to take a moment to give everyone a review of the year, a status update and a view to the future.

Since its launch back in May, the eggplant.fi project has navigated a turbulent path through multiple bear markets, inflationary threat, and changing team dynamics. Despite all the challenges, we persisted and managed to accomplish the following:

Eggplant NFTs

We had published our collection of common NFTs: Each design is beautifully crafted and representing a part of the eggplant.fi DeFi/GameFi membership. Later on, these will be used in all our future products and they may carry different bonuses depending on the game or product.

Eggplant Games

Two games have been created: The EGGP Slots Machine and the Coinflip games. These allow players to try their luck and have a bit of fun using $EGGP and $CAKE.

Deflationary Controls

As the bear market hit, we focused our attention on preserving the value of the $EGGP token. We managed to reduce its inflationary aspects by reducing supply. We had implemented a backup fund that will continue to support this priority and facilitate token buybacks that will help stabilize the token.

And Now… The New 2022 Roadmap

The year 2022 will be a challenging one for Eggplant Finance as we seek to realign ourselves to market conditions and new opportunities. The sectors of NFTs and Play-to-Earn / “GameFi” continue to grow exponentially, and our team is determined to rise along with it.

With that in mind, our new roadmap for eggplant.fi will involve the following:

  • New GameFi / Play to Earn Focus
  • Premium NFT / VIP Memberships
  • Cross-chain / Multichain Support
  • New Community / Play to Earn Games!
  • New Generation DeFi Products
  • (Potentially) A Generative NFT series!

New GameFi / Play to Earn Focus
Eggplant.fi will aim to further enhance its Game-DeFi aspect (GameFi) and this will come in the form of new games that cater for the casual gamers, community-based competitions, all of which will involve some gamified elements.

Premium NFTs / VIP Membership
Work continues towards the Premium NFT series, which can be earned by staking EGGP tokens. We will reveal the claiming mechanics for the NFTs as we get closer to launch. Owning one of these will entitle the user to VIP privileges for all future products, including airdrops, earning extra in games, automatic whitelisting, and so on.

The mysterious previews of our Premium NFTs

They may not look like much now, but once revealed they will be worth their weight in gold!

Cross-chain / Multichain Support
We have always intended for the Eggplant project to be multichain and cross-chain compatible. In the early parts of 2022 the EGGP, users will be able to bridge them across to other chains such as Polygon, Fantom, and others as we choose to support them.

Naturally, our liquidity farms, games and DeFi products will be made available on the supported chains as well!

New Community / Play to Earn Games!
Our team has never stopped planning for fun and simple game products to cater for the casual gaming / time-poor players! Having seen the rise of intense Play-to-Earn games like Axie Infinity and countless others, we have noticed that the DeFi conscious users may not wish to devote so much time in a game where the objective is to earn rather than play.

Based on that observation, our upcoming games will be designed with these principles in mind:
1. Easy to learn, difficult to master.
2. Does not require excessive grinding to succeed.
3. Requires minimal time to play but allows rewards for extended efforts.

So far, we have two games lined up for starters: One is in production and the other is at early design stage. Both of these will involve a NEW set of “Trading Card” type NFTs that can be earned/purchasable from us, and used in our future games!

Examples of the upcoming game item NFT series

We also intend to have these games available community wide with regular prizes!

New Generation DeFi Products
In 2021 we have witnessed a fantastic boom in decentralized finance, including multitudes of DeFi farming, layered farming, the rise of OlympusDAO and its aspirants (ohm forks), and other solutions in the so-called DeFi 2.0.

At Eggplant Finance, we are seeking to simplify DeFi for the common user who might want easier access to such solutions without having to understand all the complex underlying machinations. With that in mind, our team is aiming to experiment with a (yet to be disclosed) next-generation DeFi vault products that will complement the existing liquidity mining farms.

(Potentially) A Generative NFT Series
During the previous NFT craze, we witnessed the rise of communities such as Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC), Cool Cats, Cyberkongz and others. Since then there has been endless others copying their success, leading to a rise of JPEGs, some with questionable utility.

It is within our plans to consider a generative NFT series that will tap into the broader crypto userbase and NFT enthusiasts. Eggplant.fi seeks a different approach from those projects by providing a DeFi and utility base BEFORE asking for the user’s money to mint NFTs. That way, potential buyers can be reassured that such a project will have immediate use and sustainable value in floor price and/or appreciable returns.

Potential future for EGGP holders? Haha maybe. We didn’t make this, but it’s funny to show it here.

That is all for our end of year summary and new roadmap! As always, thank you for your continued support and feel free to reach out to us via Telegram and Twitter!




Eggplant Finance 🍆 the most #EGGcellent Yieldfarm on #BSC

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Eggplant Finance

Eggplant Finance

Eggplant Finance 🍆 the most #EGGcellent Yieldfarm on #BSC

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